Meet Steve Haverly

I am Steve Haverly. My family has lived in Tacoma for four generations. My father was a decorated Captain in the Army’s Green Beret Special Forces, stationed at Fort Lewis. My first years were on the base.

I went to Grant Elementary, Jason Lee Junior High and Stadium High School. This deep connection to the city is part of why I’m running to be our Mayor.

I believe that Tacoma is Washington’s best kept secret. This city is great place to live, work and raise a family. Unfortunately, too much of what has made Tacoma special is being lost. The decisions of our city government making us too like Seattle. We are a city of blue collar workers, white collar workers, artists, writers, and talents of all kinds. This diversity is because Tacoma has been pro-jobs and I will defend that legacy and work to expand our local economy. We must preserve public safety and support better policing, not defunding policing. I also believe in increasing housing, while preserving the character of our neighborhoods.

As the Mayor of Tacoma, I will bring Leadership and energy to our city. I am proud to be genuinely non-partisan. In a time of great division, and a very rough couple of years, we need unity now more than ever.