Steve Haverly Priorities

These are my top priorities, should I be elected to be Tacoma’s next Mayor.

First and foremost, we need strong leadership. The people of Tacoma deserve to have their voices heard and their best interests taken into consideration. We need to enhance our policing practices to better keep our citizens safe and to provide to them a higher quality of life for their families. We need better land development strategies that will maintain the character of our neighborhoods while also bringing features to our neighborhood that will enhance our surroundings. We need to find solutions to the ever-growing homeless crisis that is bringing so much disruption to our daily lives. We need to clean up our streets and make Tacoma a place that we can be proud of and all feel like we have a stake in this place that we call home.

Most importantly, we need to unify this city. There is far too much division going on in our community. It is time to bring an end to the things that are tearing us apart. We need to come together and build a bond of solidarity with each other, give every individual living in Tacoma a stake in our community. All of which is achievable with the right Leadership in place.